Monday, April 18, 2011


I would like the world to stop by--
To the point where I had no commitment in my life--
Coz sumtimes commitment juz suck--
Either towards ourselves or others--
Sometimes I dreamt of a perfect life--
Which would never be mine--
As it is far from reality--
It would only be a fantasy~~

I feel sad, the saddest part in my life--
I feel lonely, the loneliest I have ever felt--
Tonight is the night where I regret--
Which I know I shouldn't--
But I couldn't help it--
I feel exhausted trying to adapt 2 someone's life--
But never the same commitment towards me--
Mlm ni ckp omputeh bleh?hahahhaha
~end of my luahan perasaan~

p/s: just now, I came across a blog--
I felt like I would want to laugh out loud--
She described the term of "Friends" as if she is the humble one--
It was annoying to read series of entry trying to blame others rather than yourself--
Rather than talking about how bad a 'friend' could be, it is better for u tu judge yourself, are you a GOOD one to another--
U know wat, without frens, It's you who determine your own life--



ultra said...

huhuhuhu... adei!

p/s: link kan la blog tu.. huhuhu

L.O.V.E hUnTeR said...

Kalo ayg ingat blog mana.. ni jus blogwalking je, nmpak maki2 kwn dia bnyak sgt ayg trus blah. Malaih nk amek tawu da..