Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roti panjang SATU!!!!!!

Not only one but TWO!!!!!!! huhuhu

Yeah, am talking bout caning which I think is acceptable as long as it is not to hurt pupils.. As interviewed by my hubby, the pupils list down TOP 3 'The Most Fierce Teacher Award' in my school of course... And d award goes to:
1) Cikgu S.....din (He can be a father 2 me)
2) Cikgu N...b...ah (She can also be my mom)
3) Guess who...ME...huahahahaha
I am naturally fierce but when d times need me to... Still I can't beat my colleagues who r magnificently fierce?huhuhu Sometimes, I wonder how on earth they can be fierce all d time without d risk of high blood pressure...huhu At first, wen I entered d school I just wanted to be myself but I was warned by most of my colleagues to keep strict n fierce on d first week... Then, slowly I started to know why... The pupils here are challenging...huhu There are only two classes for each standard but d gap is very wide.. D 1st class is d best n d attitude is okay but d other class is totally opposite of it! Sumtimes I feel like I'm Onizuka Sensei (GTO) who r facing such troublesome kids(-_-!) My school is considered as a rural school n d parents n pupils here r not so open-minded on certain things and there are quite cases of failure of the family institution which lead to troublesome kids... 

Well, for some cases d pupils r willing to change but mostly they won't! Wat did I do to them? CANED!! It is not to hurt them but to remind and teach them.. Surprisingly! For positive cases;d pupils changed from naughty to good, they are closed to me..  But da one dat hates me, I let them hate me until d day they realize dat this is all for their own good.. But, d most challenging is wen caning nor advising works for them as they are used to it at home! Wat would you do? Look at d scenario here, the teachers who teach this kid, F are totally blurred on wat to do to her... even me! I'm her class teacher, I oso had given her to my senior assistant 1 to take over her case but still it does not working.. My colleagues r stumped! Her parents? She resembles her parents..hurm wat would u do?

Sumtimes, d society needs to c from our point of view as a teacher.. We r not facing with one human being but hundreds with diff kind of attitudes.. They are alive of course! Not a thing dat u can choose to throw away wen it's broken..=p D society just know how to judge but never  try to understand why certain teachers acted out like that... There are oways a reason for something... Good or bad, that is to find out not being punished without a trial!

But 1 thing for sure!!! I LOVE MY KIDS... No matter who they are... Actually, every time after they were caned by me, I would feel very sad n I cried alone.. But the thought of wen they grow up n turn out to be a corrupted person, the fear n love for them make me stronger... 

The talent
Muslim sejati

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bukan Cinta Biasa

Jalan-jalan cari CINTA!

Today is still the school holidays..Yeay!! I'm enjoying dis week to da fullest... I feel calm sitting here in my own house, yes OUR house.. Am waiting for my hubby to come back from work and I will fry cucur ikan bilis in half an hour! nyum2x!

Ha, I would like to share my 1st experience been in an aeroplane.. Wat could I say..hmmm am not into it! It was a nightmare with AAsia! Last Thursday, besides form the delayed flight, I went through three (3) bad weather... After boarding, in d middle of d journey n exactly before landed... I felt as if my life was at stake..huhuhu And I need to survive another journey dis Saturday...oh, God!

However, when I saw my hubby's face, the feeling of heppiness overtook everything..hehe I had a beautiful, marvellous mr loba, loba week wit my hubby..=) I think it is not bcoz we r so much lovey-dovey (which is true for every couple) BUT we get to experience being husband and wife for some times... Now, I know wat is being a wife all about.. It is totally different from our coupling period.. It is d time to treasure each other.. This is where u'll know everything about your loved one. No matter how many years u've been a couple u won't know him d way u know him now... He is still himself, still there are a lot of interesting things to venture..

One thing about my husband, he loves to eat! And I just love cooking!hahaha However, he is very sincere if our cooking is delicious for his tastebuds! Am proud dat he really love my cooking n even said dat better than his mom...hehehe Am not trying to compare but dat wat makes me enjoy cooking even more... Wifey and wifey to be! Ikat ati suami dgn air tgn anda! tips neh..hehe

The most happiest moment for me is, we will jemaah for most of solat (of coz wen he comes back from work).. solat is actually wat makes me feel calm all d time and of coz dun forget to recite the holy Quran everyday.. The secret of husband n wife relationship lies here.. I hope dat Allah swt will guide us all d way...

OK! the pics above was at Alamanda.. We brought my sisters who visited me here last weekend.. I enjoyed d day very much! We windowed shopping xcept for my siss who really did shop, then played games and watched midnight movie, Alice in Wonderland (hav to admit dat I did dozz off..hehe It was nearly 3am).. Woohooooo! And last nite, I accompanied my hubby to Putrajaya for his futsal match! oh, oh,oh my herooooo!!!!hehehe

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last Thursday, was a traumatic experience for me... Although it was the second time I involved in an accident, still I need some times to calm down..

Right after the accident, I drove my mum's car to go back home and still it was okay.. But today, I feel totally different. At first, when I went out to buy lunch, I felt a sudden weird feeling.. Luckily, I just drove around my neighbourhood.

This evening, I went out alone again. My mum asked me to buy some stuff at Superstore, Jalan Pegawai... Yeah, d place where the incident had happened. When I was at the traffic light (where the lorry hit me from behind when the traffic light was red!) I kept on looking at the scene. Then, when I started to drive, I felt as if all of my confidence went down.. I kept on looking at the back mirror of d car.. when a car was too close, I moved forward... Darn! I am emotionally and psychologically down... I need someone but he's not here, and he's too busy with his own thingy... I think it is quite dangerous for me to drive for awhile. I need some times to cool down... Or else, I might do something stupid..

However, I am grateful when my colleague is willing to give me a ride to school starting from tomorrow.. Thanks Kak Ya! May Allah bless you.. Usually, during our hardship, relatives(bear in mind, my mum's side) r just pathetic... Friends r there for u.. Well, I experienced this twice, the first one was during my wed.. I lose faith in them.. So, dun talk to me about the so-called relatives..

I am also grateful, when my parents and in laws r also willing to send me to Kak Ya's home early in the dawn... Love you all so much!

"PJJ" utk pasangan

Alhamdulillah~~ Tiada kata dpt menggambarkan perasaan apabila dinikahkan oleh abahku sendre~~

~~LOVE is in the AIR~~

It's been such a long time wen I update my blog again...hehehe mcm ade org bace Since my last entry (which is obviously last year), I was so busy preparing for my wedding n oso school...duh

NOW! I'm his wife...=)

Reminisce back, the day of solemnization.. Yes, it was a hectic day for me wit sum-wat-stupid-woman who tried to ruin my day..perhh, still mad wen I'm thinking of her.. Hope ur business will end soon..=p hahaha am hot-tempered but wit a gud reason...

However, I would conclude dat it all ended well with supportive frens n relatives.. Now, being a wife for three months, it is nothing much different from my life before as we were separated bcoz of work... Yes, work dat generates us money to plan for the next episodes of our life... Homo sapiens do need money! Sad but it is da reality of life..

After the day we got married, we were together for a week, then we headed to our new home (cleaning n shopping for household,furniture and all. p/s:thanx 2 my in laws who supported every single thing) for another week and dat was it! That was the only time we were together but it was not like everyday.. Most of the time we were busy clearing up all the mess after the kenduri la... However, we managed to steal some of the time, went out to the cinemas and my bro's brilliant plan to go for a cuti2 Msia at Zoo Taiping.. It was not dat grand like other married couples, but it was memorable as my parents were there too with my bro and my new sis-in laws.

Now, we see each other for every two weeks... Thank God, the mid sem break is just round d corner and once again I will be able to experience being a wife... Last nite, my senior tried to comfort me by saying dat 'PJJ' is common nowadays.. Yeah, it's true wen everything is revolved around making money first! Pencapaian diutamakan beb... huhuhu

I hope dat, my transfer for next year will b approved.. Let's just pray...T_T