Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia!!!

Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!! Next week dpt cuti 2 days 4r convo; Ahad n Senin... Total 4r days from Friday, of coz weekend lor...^0^

Next week jugak ari Khamis cuti lembaga!!! hahahahahaha rs nk gelak bahagia lak..kui3x

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kek Coklat Kukus Lembap

Alkisahnya sok da start sekolah dan ada jamuan sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Kt umah aku kuih raya pon da abes, so mak aku pon cadangkan wat kek coklat segera...hehehe Let's roll!!!

Kek totlet da ciap!!!!Uuuuuuuuuu, berasap,panas2 lagik..^_^ yeaaa!!!hehe.. 
Kek coklat ni pakai susu pekat ganti gula n minyak masak ganti marjerin. Memula, pukul telur skali susu pekat n minyak smpai sebati. Pastu mskkan tepung n air, gaulkan.. Then kukus!!! Senangkan? Selamat mencuba...LOL

Sekolahku, Rumahku?

Yeah, sounds pathetic for those who are facing such a troublesome administration... Me? To picture bout me school, ok, seriously I never heard the name of my school before. For my entire life living here in Alor Setar until I got posted here... Can't u just imagine how the school works?

It is actually a sad scenario guys, really sad.. Like I said previously, the school is in Kota Setar district to be precise Alor Setar CITYYYYY, I repeat ALOR SETAR CITYYYYY!!!! Yeah, wat a crap! How come, it is categorised as a hinterland? This is something that I don't understand, can anyone tell me how a school is being categorised? Maybe I should google it.. duhhh, like I might find it, u know how the system works here..

First and foremost, I really pity my pupils... Obviously, majority of them are a bit slow in learning although they are actually smart, the rate of illiterate pupils are quite high and that makes me ponder.. What is wrong with the school? It is not in Baram, Sarawak or in Sabah which we might expected such things. Who to be blamed? I admit that, nearly 2 months here, observing and searching for answers, I know the root of the problem. I am quite mad or maybe disappointed actually and determined to change the way things work here... BUTTT like my parents said it is too soon. It is not so good for me.. Aha! U know wat my Panel Head of English Panitia said to me?

"Durra, I know u r ambitious and have many plans but just don't. They won't be able to adapt."

Gosh! I was so disagree.. They are so used to the existing system that they blamed the pupils weaknesses. Hello people, so what is your job then as a teacher? U r supposed to change them to be a better person rite? If u think that change is bad, then like my sister said "ROT & DIE!"..duhh Like wat my parents said, yeah it's true, I still have at least 3 years to go until I really confirm my position as a teacher. They are worried bout my social life there. I'm a stubborn gurl, it is. I will stick to my opinion if I think it will benefits my kids.

Until now, I did an extra class for only half an hour after school with the illiterate n weak pupils. I did it for a week during the fasting month and surprisingly my experiment works! My subjects which are A and S, now at least know how to spell 'like' and read English words better than Malay Language. They are in standard 5.. Every time I look into their eyes, I feel the surge to help them...with Allah's will.

I know that I'm a new teacher and this is just the beginning but for me it is not an excuse.. My job starts when the government hired me. I have an agreement, and it's true I'm a schematic wat ever-so-called person who will always remember; I choose this profession because I want to serve my country.. Now, I'm fighting within my own circle to win this battle... May Allah bless me all the way..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mode: Raya Lagi!

Arini smpei 2 entry..kui3x

I just came back from Nono n Lolo's houses.. Apelagi, rayela!!!! hohohoho Membe2x len suma sibuk beraya gak so bnyak xde kt umah. Aku lak inform last min..kui3x Last2x beraya umah geng sndre.. Mmg xpenah beraya umah deme pon slama ni, ni la br 1st time, slalu pi amek n anto blek, tu jela...

So, 1st and for all, I went to Lolo's house n took her (well, as usual I had 2 wait..huhu)... Then, we went to Nono's house. Pernah pergi skali dua, xingat sgt jalan sedangkn umah dekat je..kui3x

Well, now let d pics tell d whole story!

Ahahahha... kurang ensem tol! boleh plak mkn bihun goreng lagik... Nono said, "Durra ske mkn bihun goreng!" ahahaha... Alkisahnya, dr raya pertama smpaila kami konvoi ke Perlis aritu, org asyik jamu mee. Aku lak mee ni kurang sket, so mulut teringin bihun la plak.. Pi umah Notme blek dr perlis, dia semawa bihun goreng, sedap lak tu aku bantai 2 pinggan penuh punya!hahaha bedal xingat... Tp seyes sedap! 
Then ade gak salad buah, nono wat... Sedap2x.. Mkn free mmg besh..hehehe

Da konyang, we went to Lolo's lak.. Tapi yg lawak xboleh blah, dia tnya kami nk mkn pa, nk pi beli...hahaha Boleh plak pilih mknan. Aku trus, Pizza satu!eheheh Last2 beli yong taufu(betol ka eja neh). Aku lak yg drive bawak pi beli..kui3x Time kat umah lolo lagila, yong taufu tu mkn mcm kongsi nasi dalam talam jek.. Lolo, hg mmg kena kawen dgn doktor! hahaha upah amah jela..rm25 sejam je..hoho

Tapi mmg tetap bestttt!!! Xkering gusi melayan kerenah Lolo n her mom.. Thanx my dear frenss.. InsyaAllah, ade rezki kita raya lagik!

Bebelan + Rungutan = Annoying

Bebaru ni pon ade kuar dlm sisipan Berita Harian dlm XY, pompuan n laki sape kuat membebel? Aku musti r kata pompuan tapi........... Laki kalu skali bebel pon sama ja walopon jarang bebel.. Aku skang mementingkan tahap kekerapan tuh.. Aku akui aku pon ske membebel gak. Tapi xdelah smpai tiap hari smpai sakit telinga dengar... Aku terpikir nk ckp pasai benda ni pon sbb aku xlarat dengar rungutan seseorg menerusi bebelan tiap2 ari.. Sampai aku rasa mmg konpem pahala xdpt da, keje merungut jek...haish 

Tapi sapalah aku nk tegor ye x, esp org yg lebey tua.. Tp kekadang tersmash jugakla..uuupppppsss! Xtahan beb! Rasa nk meletup otak ni, bersepai jua akhirnya.. Tambah menambah tahap keannoyingan aku neh, bila mengata org len pandai ja, tp xsedar dre sendre pon sama naik..duhhhh!! Sudah-sudahler tue.. Ramadhan br je berlalu n skang Syawal, sepatutnya menahan suma benda tu kan...hurmmm

Apa boleyh wat aku kena sabou jela... Walopon tahap kesabaran da nipis mcm rambut...yale,yale!

Mudah-mudahan aku xjadik mcmni pas kawen..kui3x

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catching Up!

Salam Syawal!

Well, it has been such a long break, act laziness...huhu
Finally, I'm a career woman! Now, I am a teacher at SK Haji Abu Bakar.. Such a small school in Alor Setar but it is being considered as pedalaman? erk.. The population is around 400++, 28 teachers.. But I hate the stairs! It's killing me legs..duhh New buildings, who can blame anyone..huhu

Enough bout me school, It's Eid Mubarak, who cares bout work for now! hehe To be precise, this is my last Eid Mubarak as a single... A bit sad as I will not have d opportunities to hang out with my besties anymore..T_T 
BUT, I'm eager n looking forward to share my life with my beloved..I love you ^_^
As usual, Eid Mubarak is always a hectic day for me... Furthermore, we celebrate it for a month..=p hehe

These were on the first day of Eid Mubarak

p/s: It's normal 2 b super nice n hepi on d first day. It will only stand for few days, now I hate looking at these pictures =p hypocrites

These were on the Second Day ( as usual we organize an open house every year. However, this year we did it for 2 days(penat membasuh den) i forgot to snap d pics of the dishes.LOL)

 My Besties, relatives, n my brother's frens

On the 3rd Day (2nd day of Open House 4r my sisters' frens n surprisingly my fiancee had arrived early in d morning!yatta!!)

  p/s: I miss u!!!sob..sob

On The 4th Day (As 2 celebrate my last raya as a single, my besties n I planned for a convoy!! We had fun! It was also my first time drove an auto myvi car, but still I prefer manual!Yiosha V(^V^)V

The list is still going on! I'm planning 2 attack my frens houses!!! Yiosha!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin

To Momo: Hepi 25th Birthday! God Bless!