Saturday, March 6, 2010

"PJJ" utk pasangan

Alhamdulillah~~ Tiada kata dpt menggambarkan perasaan apabila dinikahkan oleh abahku sendre~~

~~LOVE is in the AIR~~

It's been such a long time wen I update my blog again...hehehe mcm ade org bace Since my last entry (which is obviously last year), I was so busy preparing for my wedding n oso school...duh

NOW! I'm his wife...=)

Reminisce back, the day of solemnization.. Yes, it was a hectic day for me wit sum-wat-stupid-woman who tried to ruin my day..perhh, still mad wen I'm thinking of her.. Hope ur business will end soon..=p hahaha am hot-tempered but wit a gud reason...

However, I would conclude dat it all ended well with supportive frens n relatives.. Now, being a wife for three months, it is nothing much different from my life before as we were separated bcoz of work... Yes, work dat generates us money to plan for the next episodes of our life... Homo sapiens do need money! Sad but it is da reality of life..

After the day we got married, we were together for a week, then we headed to our new home (cleaning n shopping for household,furniture and all. p/s:thanx 2 my in laws who supported every single thing) for another week and dat was it! That was the only time we were together but it was not like everyday.. Most of the time we were busy clearing up all the mess after the kenduri la... However, we managed to steal some of the time, went out to the cinemas and my bro's brilliant plan to go for a cuti2 Msia at Zoo Taiping.. It was not dat grand like other married couples, but it was memorable as my parents were there too with my bro and my new sis-in laws.

Now, we see each other for every two weeks... Thank God, the mid sem break is just round d corner and once again I will be able to experience being a wife... Last nite, my senior tried to comfort me by saying dat 'PJJ' is common nowadays.. Yeah, it's true wen everything is revolved around making money first! Pencapaian diutamakan beb... huhuhu

I hope dat, my transfer for next year will b approved.. Let's just pray...T_T

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