Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last Thursday, was a traumatic experience for me... Although it was the second time I involved in an accident, still I need some times to calm down..

Right after the accident, I drove my mum's car to go back home and still it was okay.. But today, I feel totally different. At first, when I went out to buy lunch, I felt a sudden weird feeling.. Luckily, I just drove around my neighbourhood.

This evening, I went out alone again. My mum asked me to buy some stuff at Superstore, Jalan Pegawai... Yeah, d place where the incident had happened. When I was at the traffic light (where the lorry hit me from behind when the traffic light was red!) I kept on looking at the scene. Then, when I started to drive, I felt as if all of my confidence went down.. I kept on looking at the back mirror of d car.. when a car was too close, I moved forward... Darn! I am emotionally and psychologically down... I need someone but he's not here, and he's too busy with his own thingy... I think it is quite dangerous for me to drive for awhile. I need some times to cool down... Or else, I might do something stupid..

However, I am grateful when my colleague is willing to give me a ride to school starting from tomorrow.. Thanks Kak Ya! May Allah bless you.. Usually, during our hardship, relatives(bear in mind, my mum's side) r just pathetic... Friends r there for u.. Well, I experienced this twice, the first one was during my wed.. I lose faith in them.. So, dun talk to me about the so-called relatives..

I am also grateful, when my parents and in laws r also willing to send me to Kak Ya's home early in the dawn... Love you all so much!

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