Sunday, March 28, 2010

Roti panjang SATU!!!!!!

Not only one but TWO!!!!!!! huhuhu

Yeah, am talking bout caning which I think is acceptable as long as it is not to hurt pupils.. As interviewed by my hubby, the pupils list down TOP 3 'The Most Fierce Teacher Award' in my school of course... And d award goes to:
1) Cikgu S.....din (He can be a father 2 me)
2) Cikgu N...b...ah (She can also be my mom)
3) Guess who...ME...huahahahaha
I am naturally fierce but when d times need me to... Still I can't beat my colleagues who r magnificently fierce?huhuhu Sometimes, I wonder how on earth they can be fierce all d time without d risk of high blood pressure...huhu At first, wen I entered d school I just wanted to be myself but I was warned by most of my colleagues to keep strict n fierce on d first week... Then, slowly I started to know why... The pupils here are challenging...huhu There are only two classes for each standard but d gap is very wide.. D 1st class is d best n d attitude is okay but d other class is totally opposite of it! Sumtimes I feel like I'm Onizuka Sensei (GTO) who r facing such troublesome kids(-_-!) My school is considered as a rural school n d parents n pupils here r not so open-minded on certain things and there are quite cases of failure of the family institution which lead to troublesome kids... 

Well, for some cases d pupils r willing to change but mostly they won't! Wat did I do to them? CANED!! It is not to hurt them but to remind and teach them.. Surprisingly! For positive cases;d pupils changed from naughty to good, they are closed to me..  But da one dat hates me, I let them hate me until d day they realize dat this is all for their own good.. But, d most challenging is wen caning nor advising works for them as they are used to it at home! Wat would you do? Look at d scenario here, the teachers who teach this kid, F are totally blurred on wat to do to her... even me! I'm her class teacher, I oso had given her to my senior assistant 1 to take over her case but still it does not working.. My colleagues r stumped! Her parents? She resembles her parents..hurm wat would u do?

Sumtimes, d society needs to c from our point of view as a teacher.. We r not facing with one human being but hundreds with diff kind of attitudes.. They are alive of course! Not a thing dat u can choose to throw away wen it's broken..=p D society just know how to judge but never  try to understand why certain teachers acted out like that... There are oways a reason for something... Good or bad, that is to find out not being punished without a trial!

But 1 thing for sure!!! I LOVE MY KIDS... No matter who they are... Actually, every time after they were caned by me, I would feel very sad n I cried alone.. But the thought of wen they grow up n turn out to be a corrupted person, the fear n love for them make me stronger... 

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donmontelcarlo said...

hahahahha. apela kamu nie! hahahahaha

Permataku Durra said...

ape ape? huhuhu kenyataan pe... kelmarin ayg geram bdk2 yg sama lg wat perangai xsiap keje da 3 bln da dok mcmtu.. apelg, banzai!!!!huh