Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bukan Cinta Biasa

Jalan-jalan cari CINTA!

Today is still the school holidays..Yeay!! I'm enjoying dis week to da fullest... I feel calm sitting here in my own house, yes OUR house.. Am waiting for my hubby to come back from work and I will fry cucur ikan bilis in half an hour! nyum2x!

Ha, I would like to share my 1st experience been in an aeroplane.. Wat could I say..hmmm am not into it! It was a nightmare with AAsia! Last Thursday, besides form the delayed flight, I went through three (3) bad weather... After boarding, in d middle of d journey n exactly before landed... I felt as if my life was at stake..huhuhu And I need to survive another journey dis Saturday...oh, God!

However, when I saw my hubby's face, the feeling of heppiness overtook everything..hehe I had a beautiful, marvellous mr loba, loba week wit my hubby..=) I think it is not bcoz we r so much lovey-dovey (which is true for every couple) BUT we get to experience being husband and wife for some times... Now, I know wat is being a wife all about.. It is totally different from our coupling period.. It is d time to treasure each other.. This is where u'll know everything about your loved one. No matter how many years u've been a couple u won't know him d way u know him now... He is still himself, still there are a lot of interesting things to venture..

One thing about my husband, he loves to eat! And I just love cooking!hahaha However, he is very sincere if our cooking is delicious for his tastebuds! Am proud dat he really love my cooking n even said dat better than his mom...hehehe Am not trying to compare but dat wat makes me enjoy cooking even more... Wifey and wifey to be! Ikat ati suami dgn air tgn anda! tips neh..hehe

The most happiest moment for me is, we will jemaah for most of solat (of coz wen he comes back from work).. solat is actually wat makes me feel calm all d time and of coz dun forget to recite the holy Quran everyday.. The secret of husband n wife relationship lies here.. I hope dat Allah swt will guide us all d way...

OK! the pics above was at Alamanda.. We brought my sisters who visited me here last weekend.. I enjoyed d day very much! We windowed shopping xcept for my siss who really did shop, then played games and watched midnight movie, Alice in Wonderland (hav to admit dat I did dozz off..hehe It was nearly 3am).. Woohooooo! And last nite, I accompanied my hubby to Putrajaya for his futsal match! oh, oh,oh my herooooo!!!!hehehe


the paan said...

auuww..romantik nyer kak durra :D

Permataku Durra said...

oh, biase....kui3x