Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Finally, finally, finally...

Now, I know it is hard to get a degree (actually, u already have it but as usual protocol made it harder..huhu).. Sometimes, I do not understand, why do we need such an event.. A grand one, is it compulsory? I know it is an honour but what I went through on Monday, made me feel tired rather than happy for graduating. This was because 5 minutes before I entered the hall, I had a stomachache and had to find a lady's room instead of smiling on the red carpet... huhu Then, the robe really made me feel uncomfortable all day long. The event was too long and in the end I felt bored.. I only felt happy to see that my parents are proud of me.. and of course to meet my friends again.. To make it worst, it rained right after the ceremony. There u go, no-'hepi' moments pictures anymore..huhu

Maybe what had happened was a trial and maybe it is also a sign for me to get my master and do it all over again.. And the other time, no more stomachache!! hahaha 

p/s: Afterwards, Iema n I went to Proton's cafe n ate 'bakar2x' and met up with my xrumate, Mijah chan (thanx cyg 4r d ferrero rocher!) Then, we met Dr Lee, Pn Fahainis (as jovial and kind as ever) and En. Rosli..


toren-toren said...

happy graduation my dear frend :)

Permataku Durra said...

thanx nono chan!