Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catching Up!

Salam Syawal!

Well, it has been such a long break, act laziness...huhu
Finally, I'm a career woman! Now, I am a teacher at SK Haji Abu Bakar.. Such a small school in Alor Setar but it is being considered as pedalaman? erk.. The population is around 400++, 28 teachers.. But I hate the stairs! It's killing me legs..duhh New buildings, who can blame anyone..huhu

Enough bout me school, It's Eid Mubarak, who cares bout work for now! hehe To be precise, this is my last Eid Mubarak as a single... A bit sad as I will not have d opportunities to hang out with my besties anymore..T_T 
BUT, I'm eager n looking forward to share my life with my beloved..I love you ^_^
As usual, Eid Mubarak is always a hectic day for me... Furthermore, we celebrate it for a month..=p hehe

These were on the first day of Eid Mubarak

p/s: It's normal 2 b super nice n hepi on d first day. It will only stand for few days, now I hate looking at these pictures =p hypocrites

These were on the Second Day ( as usual we organize an open house every year. However, this year we did it for 2 days(penat membasuh den) i forgot to snap d pics of the dishes.LOL)

 My Besties, relatives, n my brother's frens

On the 3rd Day (2nd day of Open House 4r my sisters' frens n surprisingly my fiancee had arrived early in d morning!yatta!!)

  p/s: I miss u!!!sob..sob

On The 4th Day (As 2 celebrate my last raya as a single, my besties n I planned for a convoy!! We had fun! It was also my first time drove an auto myvi car, but still I prefer manual!Yiosha V(^V^)V

The list is still going on! I'm planning 2 attack my frens houses!!! Yiosha!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin

To Momo: Hepi 25th Birthday! God Bless!


donmontelcarlo said...

huyooooo... awak mmg nampak tembam n tembun r.. baru raya ke 4 sudey menampakan hasil?? hahahaha

Permataku Durra said...

huk3x.. jgnle ckp mcmtu...huk3x.. terguris ati ini..huk3x

mas elyna said...

hehe tq teacher! (^^)
uik gambar rambut percuma sy pon ada gak

Permataku Durra said...

ahahaha.. wokey2, nnt sy delete itu gambo.. maaf zahir!hehe

toren-toren said...

huhuhu..raya sakan lah ye..bosan nie kije...malehnyaaaaa