Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sekolahku, Rumahku?

Yeah, sounds pathetic for those who are facing such a troublesome administration... Me? To picture bout me school, ok, seriously I never heard the name of my school before. For my entire life living here in Alor Setar until I got posted here... Can't u just imagine how the school works?

It is actually a sad scenario guys, really sad.. Like I said previously, the school is in Kota Setar district to be precise Alor Setar CITYYYYY, I repeat ALOR SETAR CITYYYYY!!!! Yeah, wat a crap! How come, it is categorised as a hinterland? This is something that I don't understand, can anyone tell me how a school is being categorised? Maybe I should google it.. duhhh, like I might find it, u know how the system works here..

First and foremost, I really pity my pupils... Obviously, majority of them are a bit slow in learning although they are actually smart, the rate of illiterate pupils are quite high and that makes me ponder.. What is wrong with the school? It is not in Baram, Sarawak or in Sabah which we might expected such things. Who to be blamed? I admit that, nearly 2 months here, observing and searching for answers, I know the root of the problem. I am quite mad or maybe disappointed actually and determined to change the way things work here... BUTTT like my parents said it is too soon. It is not so good for me.. Aha! U know wat my Panel Head of English Panitia said to me?

"Durra, I know u r ambitious and have many plans but just don't. They won't be able to adapt."

Gosh! I was so disagree.. They are so used to the existing system that they blamed the pupils weaknesses. Hello people, so what is your job then as a teacher? U r supposed to change them to be a better person rite? If u think that change is bad, then like my sister said "ROT & DIE!"..duhh Like wat my parents said, yeah it's true, I still have at least 3 years to go until I really confirm my position as a teacher. They are worried bout my social life there. I'm a stubborn gurl, it is. I will stick to my opinion if I think it will benefits my kids.

Until now, I did an extra class for only half an hour after school with the illiterate n weak pupils. I did it for a week during the fasting month and surprisingly my experiment works! My subjects which are A and S, now at least know how to spell 'like' and read English words better than Malay Language. They are in standard 5.. Every time I look into their eyes, I feel the surge to help them...with Allah's will.

I know that I'm a new teacher and this is just the beginning but for me it is not an excuse.. My job starts when the government hired me. I have an agreement, and it's true I'm a schematic wat ever-so-called person who will always remember; I choose this profession because I want to serve my country.. Now, I'm fighting within my own circle to win this battle... May Allah bless me all the way..

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