Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Since When I'm Here??

Suddenly it appears 2 me head... Since wen do I actually started blogging? If stated in da profile, now, it has been 1 year ++, quite new n actually I wasn't serious bout blogging before.. I actively involved in forums, (zmn belajar dulu2x, ghajinle..kui3x).. I heard bout blogging, kept on wondering n thinking dat I decided I was too lazy too update...huhuhu I didn't know a thing bout layout, creating an account or everything related 2 it.. During dat time, frenster was a phenomenon dat I thought, it was d same as blogging.. And YES, frenster had a mini blog oso, is it still exist?? I've stopped using frenster since d life was so miserable among frennss... (zmn belajar) n stick 2 FB.. Which is now being flooded with them oso...sigh (-_-") But hey, being a career woman n lives far away from them, does da trick! hahahaha

Thanx 2 my beloved lecturer, Pn Rohaya who gave me d chance 2 start blogging.. As am teslian, yup d research was in English, so I had 2 practise English in my 1st blog, Meadows of Heaven.. Still, I must practise it now n then as am an English teacher who lives far away from her hubby n need 2 express her experiences somewhere needed..hahaha

Now, I'll keep updating but for sure sometimes, I'll b bz wit works... Nowadays, teachers never go back home 1pm ye manusia2x skeptikal.. Sumtimes I went 2 skool at 6.30am n reached home 6.30pm..huuuuuu I'll never komplen esp if it is my duty 4r my kids.. Juz sumtimes, komplen 4r d works unrelated 2 teachings.. Sabo jela, br 10 bulan keje..hahaha

Owh, yessss.. dan aku tidak menjd blogger utk mendapatkan duit....;-) poyo je ayat..haha zasssss!


WZulhilmi said...

Jgn asyik garu je. Nanti tak pasal lagi teruk. terus darah.. hihihi.. :)

L.O.V.E hUnTeR said...

xtahan oooo.. gosok2 pon xjln da nieh..adehhh sabo..sabo..saboo..